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Copyright applies to all original, literacy, dramatic, musical or artistic works. These include books, other writings, music, scriptures, paintings, photographs, films, plays, television and radio programmes, computer programmes and communication signals. You acquire copyright protection automatically when you create an original work or other subject matter.

Copyright is also an integral part of protecting many new technologies. By obtaining copyright, you maintain the exclusive right to all aspects of your materials including reproduction, distribution, performance, display and licensing rights.

As Copyright Lawyers we counsel on the establishment, protection and transferring of copyright. We advise artists, writers, prospective purchasers and publishers in particular how to maximize their investments and the impact of the digital era on their IP rights.

We represent clients in the following areas of copyright law:

  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Renewal
  • Copyright Licensing Agreements
  • Copyright Enforcement
  • Copyright Dispute Arbitration
  • Copyright Infringement

We assist owners in protecting and maximizing their investments in a number of ways, eg. drafting, negotiating, reviewing and advising on agreements, covering exclusive and non-exclusive interests in copyrights. We can help you protect your creations.

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